Kenshi — Beginner Start Guide (3) – Build a base guide

Strategy Guide

In this article, I will introduce my own base creation.
Incidentally, since the creation of a base in this game is end content, even maintaining it with a halfway decent amount of forces and materials will be quite difficult.
If you are not careful, your base may even collapse before it is completed, so be sure to prepare adequately before starting the process.
Here are three important points to consider when building a base.


Preparations for establishing a base

At a minimum, you should proceed with the following preparations before establishing a base.
The following are minimums, by the way. You will need a large amount of money to fully expand your base, so be sure to have some way to raise money.

  • Research: Crossbow turret (up to 2 if possible), Defencive wall, small house, wind power generator, iron plate 2, electric stone grinder
  • Materials: More than 50 each of iron plates and building materials, and about 10-20 copper.
  • Other: Food and first aid kits for the time being


The six types selected for research were: crossbow turrets (up to 2 if possible), Defensive walls, small houses, wind power generation, iron plates 2, and electric stone machines.

Crossbow turret

Although there is a means of directly defeating the assailants with your character, if you do not have sufficient strength, it is recommended to defeat them from a long distance with a crossbow turret. The combination with a small house (see below) can make up for a considerable gap in strength.

Defensive wall

Defensive wall is the name of the building, but in reality, it is both a wall and a gate.
There is a hastily constructed one with one level lower performance than this, but we recommend this one because it is superior in terms of the durability of the gate and the convenience of being able to climb on top of the wall, and it is not too difficult to research.
Incidentally, the gate is basically the enemy’s entry route, since the assailants have so far not broken down the wall to enter. Until now, there was a rough trick of enclosing all directions with walls, but this method cannot be used now because the walls are automatically broken if you enclose all of them.

small house

The storm house created with this technique is a nearly square two-story building with six crossbow turrets per side on the second floor (probably the most), and both corners are movable, making it a defense base with no blind spots at all.
The building materials used are also small, so it is recommended to build it as the first base.

Wind Generator Theory/iron plate 2/Powered Stone Refinery

These are the facilities needed to supply materials for a minimum of base construction. In the meantime, there is a way to eliminate the need for wind power generation by using a Manual Stone Processor that does not use electricity, but it is not recommended because the efficiency is very low.


The order of priority for materials is “building materials > iron plate > copper”.
However, iron plates are almost indispensable for making wind power generators, iron refinery, and stone processor.

Building materials

Although it is not necessary for self-sufficiency except for the stone mine, consumption increases in proportion to the size of the base.
Since a considerable amount (100-200 is not enough at all) is used, it is better to bring a certain amount with you from the beginning even if you manufacture at your base.

Iron plate

Used for the above wind power generation, iron refinery and stone processor, various types of storage, and crossbow turrets.
If you do not have enough for the wind power generator and iron refinery, you will need to go to town to buy the missing items, so be sure to leave some behind.


In the beginning, a little is all that is needed since it is not expected to be used for anything other than generators, but if it is zero, generators cannot be built and production will not progress at all, so it is recommended that some be brought along.
If copper mining is possible, there is no problem in procuring copper locally, since the amount of copper used will be small, unless you are planning to build a large base out of the blue.


Farming takes a little time to reach a self-sufficient amount of food, and the production of first aid kits and other supplies can also be time-consuming.
In addition, there is a lot of work to be done, such as recovery from raids and construction, so it can be difficult to devote resources to the project as you might expect.
Immediately after launching, be prepared to be able to sustain without having to rely on production for a while.

How to Defend Your Base Effectively

Even with powerful equipment and well-trained comrades, repeated raids will force you to recover.
For this reason, I personally recommend building a defense network centered on crossbow batteries to repel them with minimal damage.

Defense Techniques

By placing two or more buildings facing each other, you can reduce the number of characters who do not participate in the battle by having them cover each other’s buildings while encouraging a rush of enemies to gather in one place.

Enemies will enter from the direction of the red arrow. The orange circle is the location of the crossbow turret. In addition, all the doors of the buildings are located in a position where they can be attacked from the crossbow turret of one of the buildings.
Enemies who enter the building will gather in one of the three buildings with crossbow turrets.
Even if the enemy gathers in any of the buildings, they will be attacked from two or more directions, and even if one of the buildings is overrun, it will not affect the battle of the other crossbow turrets, so even a modest difference in strength can be overturned.

Defend at the gate

To defend with a gate, a wall of protective wall or higher should be set up in a fan shape around the gate, as shown in the image, and a crossbow battery should be set up around the orange frame.
If the wall is set up in a straight line, the number of crossbow turrets that can attack the gate when it is attached to the gate will be reduced, so even if you have enough people, you will not be able to produce satisfactory fire power.

Also, it is important to note that the stairs to the top of the wall should be placed far from the gate.
If the stairway is placed close to the gate, the attackers will be brought into close combat immediately after the gate is breached, and other crossbow batteries will misfire on their allies, causing a catastrophe.

Recommended Spots for Bases

Here are three recommended spots to build a base.
In Kenshi, there are advantages and disadvantages to creating a base anywhere, so there is no one right place to create a base, but we will introduce some safe locations for beginners.

Holy Nation territory

Holy Nation Territory is a very safe and recommended place for a human race.
It is stable in terms of production because agriculture other than rice can be done stably across the board and there is no need to worry about stone and water.
In addition, the Holy Nation patrols are quite frequent, with no danger of raids if you are human, and the enemies and raiders in the vicinity are weak, so you can safely build a base even if you are a little unsure of your strength.
The biggest disadvantage is the low copper production, but since there are two copper locations in the recommended location, quality can be compensated for by quantity. (See image below)

East Coast of the Urban Coalition

The difficulty level here increases dramatically compared to Holy Nation.
If there is not enough friendship between slave traders and rebel farmers, slave traders and rebel farmers may attack you separately from the raid event, and wild animals may also attack you.
So it is a candidate if you cannot build a base in the Holy Nation territory like non-human race.

Basin on Fog Island

Fog Island is usually inhabited by very nasty enemies called fogmen, but the area near the image is rarely seen, making it a safe spot to start construction.
Also, if you enter from the southeast side where the hub and the city of Stack are located, you will hardly be attacked by fogmen along the way, so it is actually easy to move around.
However, if you go further into Fog Island, you will be attacked by fogmen, so I think that the main trade will be in Stuck. Therefore, one human race would be needed.

Since the location in the image has only 4 narrow entry routes, the base can be operated relatively safely if 3 of them are walled off and the remaining one is used for ingress and egress.
In addition, since there is no inconvenience in producing crops and water, stones, copper, etc. are available inside, it is possible to live mostly on one’s own.
The only disadvantage is that the outside of the base is always full of danger because Fogman will take away defeated enemies, and there is also a distance to the nearest town.

These are the three recommended spots.

This is the end of the early stage strategy guide up to the creation of the base.
Kenshi is a very difficult type of game to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can proceed smoothly, so please refer to the strategy guide if you get stuck.