Raft–Guide to the Mod Installation! and 8 recommended mods!

MOD Guide

Raft, an open world survival game, was officially released on June 21, 2022 with the addition of the final chapter.
After clearing the story, many people may be thinking about installing mods.
In this article, we will explain in detail everything from preparation to how to install mods for those who are thinking about installing mods.
We will also introduce some recommended mods, so please take a look until the end.


Preparation for installing mods

Raft does not officially support mods.
Therefore, we will use a third-party program called RaftModding to install and manage mods.

First, access the RaftModding download page and install the RaftModding launcher.

Download - RaftModding
Welcome to RaftModding! The largest community for mods, scripts and utilities for Raft! We are a modding community that has created a Modloader to make gamepla...

If you just want to install a mod, you do not need to log in.
Press “Download launcher” on the download page to download the launcher.

You have downloaded “RMLLauncher.exe”.
Now let’s start “RMLLauncher.exe”.
If you are prompted to update RMLLauncher when starting up, do so and keep RMLLauncher up-to-date.

RMLLauncher is now launched.
If you have changed the installation folder of Raft, specify the folder where Raft is installed in the “Game Path” field displayed when you press “Settings”.

Press “Play” to launch the mod-compatible version of Raft.
If you want to play in vanilla, start from the Steam library as usual.

When the mod-compatible version of Raft is successfully launched, the mod menu will appear in the main menu.
The mod menu can be toggled on and off with the “F9” key.

Now that Raft has been successfully launched, the next step is to install the mods.

Mods - RaftModding
Welcome to RaftModding! The largest community for mods, scripts and utilities for Raft! We are a modding community that has created a Modloader to make gamepla...

There are so many different mods on the RaftModding mod list page, it’s hard to keep track!
Select the mod you want to install from the list.

Extra Settings API - RaftModding
Mod Extra Settings API by Aidanamite: This is a dependency mod. This mod may be required by a few mods

Display the mod page and press “Install mod” to start the mod installation.

Select “Open URL:Raft Mod Loader.

When asked if you want to install the mod, press “Yes.
Press “Yes. Install it!” to run the installation.

You can check the installed mods by pressing “MOD MANAGER” in the MOD menu.
Mods whose STATUS is set to “RUNNING” are those that will be applied after the game starts.
You can switch between “RUNNING” and “NOT LOADED” by pressing the outlet symbol under ACTIONS.
Remember to change it to “RUNNING” if you want it to be reflected in the game.

Press the information mark under ACTIONS to open the menu for each mod.
If “LOAD THIS MOD AT STARTUP” is checked, it will automatically enter the “RUNNING” state when Raft is started.
Be sure to always check the checkboxes for the mods you use.

You can view the folder where you installed the mod by pressing the folder icon in the MOD menu or in RMLLauncher.

Now you are ready to run the mod.
Good night.

8 recommended mods

When you look at RaftModding’s Mod List page, you may be dazzled by the variety of mods displayed.
Here are some recommended mods for 2022 that will make Raft even more fun!

Extra Settings API

Download >> Extra Settings API

Add the mod settings menu to your settings.
It is not a mod that runs by itself, but it may be a prerequisite mod for other mods, so install it according to the mod you wish to use.
If you install a mod that supports the Extra Settings API, you will be able to change the settings from the Mod Settings menu.

Better Pause

Download >> Better Pause

The hunger and moisture gauges will not decrease while the menu screen is open.
This is a simple mod, but it is a very nice feature for Raft, where the hunger and moisture gauges decrease while the menu screen is open.

Custom Blocks

Download >> Custom Blocks

Furniture can be installed with the texture of your choice.

Once the mod is installed, you will be able to craft customizable furniture.
First, create and install the furniture of your choice.

Press the “F” key toward the installed furniture.

When the image upload screen opens, enter the file name of the image you wish to use.
Press “Load” to load the image.
If the loaded image is correct, press “Update Image” to complete the upload.

When Custom Blocks is installed, a folder called “CustomBlocks” is automatically created.
If you store files in this folder, you can load them into your game by simply specifying the file name.
Note that if you store the file in another folder, you will need to enter the path and file name of the destination folder.

The image set on the furniture appears bluish in low light.
Consideration needs to be given to the placement and selection of images, but just placing them will greatly change the atmosphere of the raft.


Download >> Raftmobile

You will be able to ride a snowmobile on a raft.
Unfortunately, you cannot ride on the ocean, but you can create a course on the raft and race it, which could be a new way to play depending on your ideas.

To use a snowmobile, first create and set up a “SNOWMOBILE PLATFORM”.
To reset the position of the snowmobile, press and hold the “E” key in the “SNOWMOBILE PLATFORM” or press and hold the “X” key on the snowmobile.

Mermaid miner

Download >> Mermaid miner

By giving one of the specified items, the mermaid will automatically collect resources around the island.
Since the resources can be recovered in an instant, this mod is very useful when you want to concentrate on raft construction.

Items to be given to the mermaid appear to be randomly selected from items in her inventory.
You can specify items to be given from the settings screen, so be sure to uncheck items that are important to you.
Be careful not to lose valuable items such as titanium ingots.

To use the mermaid miner, land on the island with the item to be given to the mermaid and press “Left Ctrl + A”.
In this case, we will give the mermaid a thick plate to collect resources.

This is the screen after using Mermaid miner.
The thick plates have disappeared from the hand, and a large amount of resources have been obtained.
Unfortunately, we cannot see the mermaid, but it makes resource gathering on the island, which used to be troublesome, more enjoyable.

Raft Blueprint

Download >> Raft Blueprint

Rafts can be saved and loaded as data.
Since loading does not consume resources, you can use it to start a new game using the raft you created with your creative work.

To save a raft, enter the name of the file you want to save in the “Save Raft Name” field and press “Save Raft.
To load a saved raft, select a file from “Saved Blueprints” and press “Load Raft” to load it.

Note that loading a raft will overwrite the raft that was previously used.

Craft From All Storage

Download >> Craft From All Storage

You will be able to craft using items in your storage.
It frees you from the hassle of opening the storage to search for materials every time you want to craft.

Since there is no major impact on gameplay, this is a mod that you will want to use proactively even at the beginning of the game.

Time of Day

Download >> Time of Day

Time can be manipulated by commands.
Enter the command in the console screen displayed by pressing the “F10” key.

Command Function
stopTimeStop the passage of time
startTimeStart the elapsed time
setTime @@ part is an arbitrary number from 1 to 24.
Change to the specified number of hours.
getHourDisplays the current time

This mod is very useful when you want to change the time a bit, such as when you have trouble lying on the bed or when you want to check on the lights during construction.


In this article, we explained the procedure for installing Raft’s mods.
Were you able to successfully launch the mod?

Once you have activated the mod, please try using the recommended mods that we have introduced.
The RaftModding website contains many attractive mods, so you may want to look for your favorite mod.
Please install the mods and enjoy a different Raft.

Thank you for reading to the end.