Kenshi — Beginner Start Guide (2) – Building a base in town

Strategy Guide

Once you have saved up some money, the next step is to buy a house in one of the cities.
Although it is often not necessary as you get used to the game, if you are not familiar with the game, we recommend that you buy a house in a town as a base of operations before building a base outside of the town to prepare for nesting.


Advantages of building a base of operations in a city

There are three main advantages to building a base (house) in a town.
They are very useful, especially for beginners who are new to the business, as they provide a stable base from which to collect and train money.

No raid events

A house purchased in a town can do the same things as a house built outside the town.

While you can do things in the house that will be easier later on if you do them before you build your base, such as research (see below), you will always be exposed to the danger of raids if you build outside of town.
On the other hand, if you build inside a town, you will not be attacked, so you can safely carry out your activities.

Research and equipment production

Research allows for the construction of various buildings.
In particular, it is better to prepare in advance to be able to produce iron plates, which are consumed in large quantities when building a base, because it is often too late to simply buy the ones sold in the stores.

Weapons and armor, when fully grown, will not only provide a source of income, but will also be useful in strengthening your teammates.

Bases for recovery and baggage storage

When you fight to train your fighting skills for independence, you will be injured in no small numbers.

You can leave them to heal naturally, but they heal faster if you sleep in a bed, so you can use it as a base for recovering after a fight.
In addition, building a base by local procurement takes a very long time, and if you are attacked at a stage when you are not fully prepared, it may fall apart at once.

Therefore, it is safer to prepare a large amount of materials in advance in a temporary town base and build a base by piston transportation.

How to buy a house and recommendations

How to find a house for sale

When you select a house in town, you will find a house with a price written on it as shown in the image.

The house with this price written on it is a vacant house with no owner, and you can buy the house by clicking on the price.

The price of the house is the same everywhere, so it is best to choose the city you want to use as your base of operations.

When buying a house, buy as many abandoned houses as possible.

In fact, broken houses in the city are also eligible for purchase and can be repaired after purchase so that they can be used as they were before.
The price is so low that even if you buy the materials for repair at a store, you can still save enough money to make change.
You should be able to spare a little money, especially in the beginning. You can get a good house for cheap with little effort, so be patient and look for it.
The picture shows an abandoned house in Hub, where you can buy an extremely large 2-story house for c.12,000.
Compromise on a small house and you will regret it, so buy as little as possible.

In this world, once you buy a house, you cannot sell it.
In other words, once you buy a small house, you cannot replace it with a bigger one.
Also, you don’t have to buy a small house because it will take more investment, more time, and more space to increase your income from your house.

*The image shows an abandoned house in Hub, where an extremely large two-story house can be bought for c.12,000.

I buy small houses as little as possible.

In this world, once a house is purchased, it cannot be sold or rebuilt.
This means that if you want to increase your facilities, you will have to buy another house.
Also, there is no need to force yourself to buy a smaller house because you will need a lot of space and money to increase your income with a house.
A good rule of thumb is to buy a larger house with at least two stories.

Make more money by manufacturing

Once you have successfully purchased a house, use this house as a starting point to prepare for the creation of a base of operations and to save money.

Build a research base.

This should be a top priority. This is arguably the greatest benefit of buying a house in town.
Building a large house, building a farm, or starting a blacksmithing business all require research.
Research allows you to create various products and prepare to build your own base of operations, so be sure to do it.

Research at the research table

You need “books” to conduct research at the research stand.

Incidentally, “books” cannot be produced, and can only be obtained by purchasing them from a general merchandise dealer or building materials dealer, or by finding them in ruins.

The purchased book can be used for the first time by selecting the research table, “right-clicking and holding” → selecting “belongings” and dragging and dropping the book into the table.
By the way, this action of putting items into the book is also used in other production processes, so please keep it in mind.

The first two items you should research are the “small house” and “technology level 2”. After researching these two items, you will be able to construct “Research Stand 2,” so set it up as soon as it is completed.
The first research stand is no longer needed, so there is no problem to dismantle it.

Next, use Lab 2 to research “Clothing Manufacturing,” “Hats and Helmets,” “Fabric Manufacturing,” and “Gear Storage.
You will consume 8 books up to this point, so be sure to have at least the minimum amount of money available.

Producing Clothing

Now that you have made all this preparation, let’s try our first production for the last time.
The item we will be creating this time is a “bandana. This is not the most efficient way to improve your skills, but I recommend it because it is low-cost to produce, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the first try, and you can make a profit as soon as you can produce a product of a certain grade or higher.

Since we are here, let’s try a semi-automatic method to keep production going as long as the raw materials are packed.

The three pieces of equipment needed for automation are a “fabric container,” a “garment work table,” and “storage for protective gear.

First, set up each of them nearby, select the character you want to produce armor for, and reserve the work in the order of “storage for armor” → “clothing workbench”.
*Work can be reserved by pressing the “Shift key + select the work item in question.

Next, select “Clothing Workbench” and press the button in the red frame in the image below.
Then select “Bandana” and finally “Repeat Queue” in the orange frame.
Now the automatic is ready.
All that remains is to put the dough into the “dough container” and you are done.
From then on, manufacturing will continue until the fabric runs out, so sell the bandanas that accumulate in the “armor storage” at the store and buy the fabric. In the beginning, you will continue to lose money, but you will start to turn a profit when you are able to produce normal grades.

Now, you will be ready to start up your own base with money to collect materials to build your own base, and to advance your research to make the start-up of your base smoother.
From now on, we will continue to save money and search for potential sites.

In the next issue, I would like to move on to the phase of finally building my own base.